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PD Security Escort


Performs all duties of escort, by monitoring and escorting of uncleared personnel into controlled access areas and other locations within mission facilities and grounds. The position is either full time, part time, or on an as needed basis, some after-hours, weekend and holiday work may be required, eligible for a Top Secret security clearance.


Security Escort          100%

• Responsible for escorting of all non-cleared personnel, janitorial/maintenance crews, and contractors performing work in secure areas of the mission or other locations as directed by the supervisor to ensure that secure areas remain uncompromised.
• Secures worksite upon completion of work by ensuring that all uncleared personnel have exited the area.
• Prepares and ensures that all materials entering a CAA have been inspected by designated personnel prior to entering.
• May be responsible for locally procuring items required for use within the CAA space, according to the randomized procurement methods described in relevant sections of the Foreign Affairs Manual.
• As required, responsible for the control and safe operation of any job-related equipment and supplies such as destruction equipment (shredders, disintegrators, etc.), x-ray machines, keys, radios, service elevators, etc.
• Prepares Incident Reports of any and all work-related problems or security incidents to the appropriate sections.
• Serve as escort for classified pouches arriving at post.
• Oversee work of the General Services Office Section maintenance and warehousing staff.
• Provide support for special delegations and VIP visitors.


a. Education:  High school diploma
b. Prior Work Experience:  At least one year of prior U.S. Government experience in an office, management or security-related position.
c. Post Entry Training:  The RSO may provide post-specific training.
d. Language Proficiency: Level 3 (working knowledge) spoken/written English and Level 1 (Rudimentary) spoken/reading Spanish is required.
e. Job Knowledge:  Thorough knowledge of regulations governing control and protection of classified material set out in 12 FAM, as well as post-specific security access procedures; the proper use of security-related equipment (radio, destruction, etc.); familiar with the general layout of mission grounds and facilities.
f. Skills and Abilities: Basic keyboard skills and computer literacy.  Must be observant, flexible and service oriented.  Duties include prolonged periods of standing/walking and somewhat physically demanding activities to include climbing, working in cramped spaces and at times working in inclement weather.


a.  Supervision Received:  Incumbent works under the general supervision of the Facility Maintenance Office,  Regional Security Officer and the Diplomatic Pouch Supervisor.
b. Supervision Exercised:  Other than general oversight of workers during escorting, no direct supervision is exercised.
c. Available Guidelines:  Appropriate DOS 12 FAM regulations regarding physical security programs and protection of classified materials and equipment.  Full knowledge of 14 FAM 700 Diplomatic Pouch and Mail Services and 14 FAH 200 Diplomatic Pouch Description and Procedures.
d. Exercise of Judgment:  Use sound and independent judgment to ensure that applicable security practices and instructions are followed.  Know when to inform the RSO or other authorized official of any suspicious activity or situations.
e. Authority to Make Commitments:  Authority to commit human resources in the scheduling of escort-related work.
f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts:  Basic contact with personnel at levels of the mission and other agencies in the performance of security escort duties.
g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level:  One to three months.