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PD Human Resources Assistant

PD HR Assistant


Within the Office of Human Resources serves as Human Resources Assistant responsible for performing the full range of technical support duties for the American Program and provides human resources services to all levels of American employees.  Incumbent is directly supervised by the Human Resources Officer.


A.  AMERICAN PROGRAM           35%

Responsible for the administrative and technical support for the American Program that includes approximately current 146 personnel and approximately 178 positions.

Collects information for American employees and is responsible for the preparation of their TM CHANNEL cables.  Position is responsible for preparing all the TMTHREE, welcome cable, TM SIX, amendment cable, TMFIVE departure and TMEIGHT arrival cables on WEBPASS Post Personnel system for Department of State American direct hire personnel as well as curtailment cables.    Coordinates with the Assignment Support Unit WHA/EX to ensure that any changes to the profile of the American direct hire personnel gets updated in GEMS.

She is responsible for entering and completing the employee’s information in the Post Personnel System and to ensure that it is complete and updated.  This involves entering in the system new positions and all relevant information for the employees.  Conducts ad hoc inquiries and generates a variety of reports based on PS database to be sent to CONS, CLO, MGT and RSO.  Researches and drafts statistical information based on a variety of sources within the Office of Human Resources.  This position also assists the Human Resources Management Specialist in maintaining the OBO Space Program Position information on WebPass updated. Also maintains and retires all American Personnel files. Prepares and consolidates all American Personnel information for the CLO Department.

Administers the Foreign Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program, Foreign Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHB), and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).  Arranges enrollment documents, change of address forms, or transmission to appropriate technician for processing.  Follows up on any discrepancies regarding pending requests. Requests and submits Financial Disclosure Reports.  When there is life change event in the DHs, prepares the documentation and information that needs to go on the Foreign Service Residence and Dependency report to ensure proper entitlement of coverage.

Works closely with the CDA Title Rank Officer to request all diplomatic titles for direct hires from the CDA Title Rank Officer. 

DUTY OFFICER: Prepares and distributes Embassy duty roster. Conducts weekly review of duty officer materials to ensure that duty officers have current information and functioning equipment, such as cell phone and pager.   Coordinates the annual review of all duty materials with Embassy sections.

Responsible for all the initiation of the security clearance investigations or recertification’s for any locally-hired American personnel in Quito and Guayaquil, EFMs and Seasonal Hires. Retrieves personal data to initiate process through the e-QIP investigation system.  Coordinates with the RSO office to enable a local background check for local American hires (EFMs). Creates an account and initiates the security clearance at the requested position description level. Retrieves and reviews information on e-QIP before releasing to Diplomatic Security.  Prepares fingerprint cards and coordinates with RSO for fingerprinting. Prepares package with all documentation forms to be sent to Diplomatic Security for EFMs, US LE Staff and Seasonal Hires.  Follows up with Diplomatic Security on investigations and keeps records of all investigations.  Works closely with the DS/SI/PSS Intake Office.


Reviews and processes all FMA and PSA-Plus employment and security forms.  Researches and follows up with the Department of State or other agencies as necessary on all aspects of employment data and appointment information.  Responsible for preparing all the personal actions including INWS, resignations, request authorization to hire and appointment cables. Works closely with the Post Management Analyst of the CA/EX/PAS office to coordinate the necessary clearances for the request of Consular Associate Titles for the selected EFM.  Works closely with the HR Specialist in WHA/EX to coordinate clearances and all paperwork for the hiring EFM process.

Monitors all appointments expiration dates and grade increases for their due dates on all EFM positions.  Requests the retrieval of the EFMs HR records from other Federal Agency’s to link them with the new State Department position.  Keeps Human Resource Management Specialist informed of upcoming expiration or any potential problems. 

Responsible for monitoring all EFMs EERs to be sent to their supervisor and that these are sent to Washington for the acknowledgement of WHA/EX to be placed in their HR profile. 

Collects and prepares all employment data and reports for EFMs and assists on the post's Family Member Employment Report (FAMER).

Responsible for the Seasonal Hire Program by coordinating with the different sponsoring agencies and ICASS to request budget of around $15,000 to fund the program. Responsible for monitoring the budget, preparing spreadsheet, work schedules, assignments to the different sections, appropriation codes, and providing detailed information for State and agencies. Facilitates the managers, timekeepers, and students with schedule availability, and works with sponsoring agencies to fulfill payment requirements.  Is responsible for sending the appointment and resignation cables, reviews payments and submits all documentation to HR/OE and Charleston for payment.


Responsible for up-dating the HR Webpage which includes uploading all job vacancies, as well as maintaining all documentation and forms for American services.

Gives information and cross-trains the HR Clerk and Assistant on backup duties. 

In the absence of the Human Resources Management Specialist prepares reports and statistical information on the staffing pattern for the DH American side.

Provides back-up duties for Time & Attendance, awards program, Arrivals and Departures list.


a. Education:  Completion of two years of college studies equivalent to AA degree in human resources, or business administration field is required.
b. Prior Work Experience:  Three to four years of progressively responsible experience in administrative fields dealing with customers including at least six months of human resources management is required.
c. Post Entry Training:  Completion of in-house PS applications within the first three months of assignment. Completion of in-house intranet webpage training, E-QIP, and SMART.
d. Language Proficiency:  Level IV (fluent) written / spoken English and level 2 Spanish (written/spoken) are required.
e. Knowledge:  Must have a good working knowledge of general office procedures, post organization, and procedural requirements pertaining to human resources.  A detailed working knowledge of the standardized regulations and of portions of Department of State and associated agencies FAMs and regulations pertaining to employment and employment entitlements of Eligible Family Members and American Citizen Residents is required.  Good working knowledge of the Department of State and other agency regulations and procedures governing Thrift Savings Plan, Combined Federal Campaign, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance and Federal Employees Health Benefits Program is required.  Good working knowledge of Microsoft applications, Word, Excel, PS application.
f. Skills and Abilities:  Must possess a high level of writing and verbal skills necessary to discuss complex issues, reports and recommendations on general matters as well as controversial problems and issues.  Must possess a high degree of analytical ability, basic numerical skills and strong service oriented interpersonal skills are required.  Very strong composing and writing in English is a required. Must be able to work as a team member and foster team spirit.  Ability to independently organize work assignments and set priorities in order to complete work in a timely manner is essential. Must be able to work under extreme pressure, with high volume productivity environment and deal tactfully and politely with all levels of contacts.  Ability to draft/prepare accurate and timely supporting/technical documents, correspondence, and reports in correct and precise English is required.  Ability to independently research, interpret and apply regulations correctly and to give sound technical advice to employees in respect to regulations and to know when to refer more complex or sensitive cases to the Human Resources Specialist or the Human Resources Officer is essential.  Must be able to clearly explain applicable regulations and policies to American DHs and EFMs.  Must be able to type at Level II (40 wpm).  Ability to deal tactfully and politely with employees and the public often under difficult and sometimes sensitive circumstances is required.  Must be able to obtain and hold a secret clearance.


a. Supervision Received:  Direct supervision is received from the Human Resources Management Officer. 
b. Available Guidelines:  2, 3 and 6 FAMs, 3 FAH-1, Standardized Regulations, PS Application Instruction Manual, Correspondence Handbook, TAGS/TERMS Handbook, and Department and other agency guidance on employment.
c. Exercise of Judgment:  Exercise of judgment and detailed knowledge of human resource systems is required when identifying problems and determining the most expeditious manner to affect corrective action.  Exercises considerable independent judgment and discretion in researching and analyzing FAMs and REGs.  In this respect, is required to distinguish between normal work-a-day issues and policy issues. Incumbent also exercises considerable judgment in determining priorities, when to follow up on pending issues, and when to refer a case of client to the Human Resources Officer or the Management Officer.
d. Authority to Make Commitments:  None
e. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts:  As Human Resources Assistant incumbent maintains good working relationships within the Human Resources team and with all levels of employees within the Mission in order to disseminate information and to expeditiously resolve problems. 
f. Supervision Exercised:  None.
g. Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties after entry into the Position:  One year.