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Basic Function of Position

Incumbent is responsible for collecting fingerprints for NIV (and/or IV) applicants.   Duties include visually confirming the applicant’s identity based on the passport photo, instructing applicant in proper placement of fingers on the fingerprint scanning machines and capturing of fingerprints using biometrics software.  Incumbent is also responsible for drafting English correspondence, SAO cables and conducting name checks for Leahy Vetting Requests.

Serves as backup when needed on visa printing and quality assurance terminals.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Collect fingerprints for NIV (and/or IV) applicants using fingerprinting
Maintain the fingerprint scanner
Draft English correspondence for Consul General’s signature
Prepare SAO cables for Consul General’s approval in the NIV system and keep track of each SAO case
Conduct name checks for Leahy Vetting Requests
Other duties as required by the Chief of the Consular Section

Back-up duties         25%
Enter data from visa application forms
Print visas and perform quality assurance check
Provide information by email, telephone and at windows to customers
Other duties as assigned


a. Education: Completion of high school is required
b. Prior Work Experience: Two years customer service and/or administrative, clerical or managerial experience is required 
c. Post Entry Training: None
d. Language Proficiency: Spanish (FSI Level 1 speaking/reading), English (FSI Level 4 speaking/reading)
e. Knowledge: Knowledge of 9FAM, INA, Consular SOP's, TAGS/Terms Handbook.  Basic knowledge of information systems.
f. Skills and Abilities: Customer service and basic computer skills (Microsoft Office/Internet)

Distinguishing Features:

The incumbent must be able to obtain and hold a secret security clearance.

Position Elements

a. Supervision Received:   Supervised by NIV Supervisor and/or Chief of the Nonimmigrant Visa Section
b. Available Guidelines:  Consular Support Desk, CA manuals, SOPS and guidelines.
c.  Exercise of Judgment:  Incumbent must make decisions regarding identity of applicant, proper reading of fingerprints, waiving fingerprint requirement according to guidelines and being aware of border security requirements.
d. Authority to Make Commitments:  None
e. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts:  Contact with systems personnel and CSD support desk for smooth operation of fingerprinting scanning operation
f. Supervision Exercised: None
g. Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties after entry into the Position:  Three months