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The Criminal Fraud Investigator is charged with conducting sensitive, routine and complex criminal investigations. Incumbent builds relationships with middle to high level officials in the Ecuadorian police, immigration, prosecutors and other GOE agencies and acts as a liaison.  Incumbent will develop and conduct training for various levels of Ecuadorian police and immigration. Incumbent will be responsible for completing detailed and timely written reports on his/her investigations.  Incumbent must have flexibility with the working hours.

The Foreign Service National Investigator (FSNI)/Criminal Fraud investigator (CFI) will conduct investigations throughout Ecuador, reporting to the Assistant Regional Security Officer-Investigations (ARSO-I) as part of the Overseas Criminal Investigators (OCI) program governed by a Memorandum of Understanding between the Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.  The CFI may be called on to provide court depositions / testimony as part of host nation criminal prosecutions.  The CFI will plan and conduct anti-fraud training programs for post staff and host nation personnel: liaise with U.S. and senior host-nation government contacts and law enforcement officials; collect, analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence; and conduct the post criminal investigation program in the absence of the ARSO-I 

MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES                                   % OF TIME

1. INVESTIGATIONS        55%

The Foreign Service National Investigator is charged with conducting sensitive criminal investigations related to large scale and complex organized criminal enterprises and or terrorist operations in combination with exploiting methods and trends developed to wrongfully secure United States visas, passports, and or official travel documents used to gain unlawful entry into the United States.  In addition, the incumbent will foster professional relationships with the host nation, engaging and sharing with the Ecuadorian government and federal prosecutors in complex investigations and establishing country-wide efforts to analyze, interpret, interrupt and prosecute all involved with the production, distribution, and or use of U.S. issued travel documents or benefits obtained illegally by way of organized fraud.  

Conducts routine and complex criminal investigations involving the production, sale and/or use of counterfeit documents for the purpose of alien smuggling and/or human trafficking.  Supervises and/or coordinates efforts of other LES who assist in criminal investigations.  Conducts interviews, meets references and develops sources to further the investigations.  Coordinates with the Consular Fraud Prevention Unit (FPU) to build cases against individual subjects and criminal enterprises that produce, sell or use counterfeit documents for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining United States visas and illegal entry into the United States.  At the direction of the ARSO-I, incumbent assists consular affairs, DEA, DHS, USMS and other law enforcement agencies.
Incumbent builds relationships with middle to high level officials in the Ecuadorian police, immigration, prosecutors and other GOE agencies.  Incumbent will develop criminal cases and work with these contacts to bring criminal charges against document vendors, alien smugglers and human traffickers in accordance with Ecuadorian and United States laws.  Incumbent will develop relationships with private and non-government agencies that assist human trafficking victims and/or work to develop the GOE's ability to address this crime.
Incumbent is expected to give official statements on behalf of the United States Government to the Ecuadorian police and prosecutors that will be used as evidence against criminals who the Assistant Regional Security Officer Investigator (ARSO-I) refers to the GOE for investigation and prosecution.  Incumbent will testify in Ecuadorian court against these criminals and be expected to have a solid understanding of Ecuadorian law as it pertains to document fraud, alien smuggling and human trafficking.  Incumbent will provide verbal and written translations for the ARSO-I, FPM and other American officers upon approval from ARSO-I.
2. TRAINING         20%
Incumbent will develop and conduct training for various levels of Ecuadorian police and immigration, as well as civil registry personnel to increase these Ecuadorian agencies' awareness and ability to refer criminal leads to the ARSO-I, or to conduct investigations and prosecutions of criminal syndicates involved in document trafficking, alien smuggling and human trafficking.  Incumbent will conduct training for Consular and airline personnel on a variety of subjects related to document fraud, fraud trends and fraud prevention.
3. ADMINISTRATIVE                                                                                            20%
Incumbent will be responsible for completing detailed and timely written reports on his/her investigations.  Incumbent will brief the ARSO- I, RSO, Fraud Prevention Manager, Consular Chief l as well as other Mission or DSS officials on the status and outcome of investigations.  Incumbent will keep a database of contacts.  Incumbent will coordinate with the FPU to conduct research of criminal organizations who traffic in documents for the purpose of alien smuggling and/trafficking.
In absence of ARSO-I (TDY, gap in assignment staffing, etc), Incumbent will be required to independently manage and maintain the criminal investigative program and all program equipment and assets.  During this time, incumbent will report directly to RSO and provide weekly program status reports.
4. OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED including back-up duties   5%


a. Education:  University degree in criminal justice, law or advanced analytical or technical applied sciences or an equivalent degree from a police or military academy is required.
b. Prior Work Experience: Eight or more years working in a professional capacity in a related field within the Government of Ecuador or experience working in conjunction with the U.S. or Ecuador government in the field(s) of criminal justice, criminal or security investigations or court processes with emphasis on technical, analytical or procedural investigations and/or applied operations with a concept of needs focused on identification, interception, interruption, or denial of criminal activities.       
c. Post Entry Training:  On-the-job training will include USG procedures.  This position requires a robust training continuum that includes specialized courses and training opportunities at the DS Training Center for a specialized skill set and analytical aspects of the document and visa fraud program.  Training will develop the particular sills needed at each career level and provide a foundation for an employee to move into positions of increased responsibility.   Basic and In-Service Foreign Service National Investigator Course will be required after employment.
d. Language Proficiency:  Level III (good working knowledge) written/spoken English and Level IV (fluent) written/spoken Spanish is required.
e. Job Knowledge:   A good working knowledge of documentary sources of information and familiarity with pertinent local laws such as privacy of information, civil processes (marriages/births/deaths) etc. is necessary. Knowledge about criminal activities and modus operandi of criminal organizations in Ecuador.  The work requires a strong familiarization of Ecuadorian criminal law, analytical and legal research as well as the ability to produce reports of investigations based on investigative efforts.  The incumbent must be able to rapidly coordinate large scale, high profile investigations for both host nation and U.S. law enforcement and maintain a cadre of key contacts with a like interest in strategic goals.  Basic knowledge of U.S. travel documents, vulnerabilities, objective ideas in respect to the overall fraud trends, methods, and strategies in visa and passport fraud is preferred. 
f. Skills and Abilities:  Critical and independent thinker, great salesmanship and the ability to work as a team towards a common goal.  Strong computer skills, (word processing, excel, powerpoint) are required.  Must possess a valid driver license and no criminal history in any jurisdiction. 


a. Supervision Received:  directly reports to the Assistant Regional Security Officer-Investigations (ARSO-I).
b. Supervision Exercised:  10% to other investigators on program goals or guidelines at the federal level. Serves either as lead FSNI in an office with other FSNI's or the sole expert FSN Investigator.
c. Available Guidelines:  Established in ARSO-I SOP for document and visa fraud program guidelines.  Sections of the 12 Foreign Affairs Manual, Diplomatic Security Service regulations and procedures.
d. Exercise of Judgment:  The employee must exercise sound judgment during interviews to develop leads and pursue questioning to obtain information pertinent in uncovering illegal activities, and in evaluating evidence and drawing conclusions, as well as setting work priorities and determining which cases warrant further investigative efforts. Ability to participate in meetings with senior level police and judicial contacts with confidence and appropriate candor and professionalism is required.
e. Authority to Make Commitments:  Although employee cannot commit the Consulate to actions or decisions, incumbent may make recommendations, which are routinely used by ARSO-I as basis for actions taken.  While representing the Consulate assisting victims of crime, incumbent must act with discretion and resourcefulness.
f. Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts:  The incumbent will establish and maintain extensive contacts with the Ecuadorian Government agencies with enforcement and prosecutorial oversight, and other host country government officials at the executive level to include key decision makers, managers for policy and operational assets for Ecuadorian law enforcement and courts as it relates to the partnerships, development and operational needs of the program.  The incumbent also serves as an advisor and consultant to RSO in establishing the shared capability to plan and carry out systematic program goals with the Government of Ecuador.
g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level:  One year after completion of specific training and practical experience.