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PD Diplomatic Courier Escort, Pouch Supervisor

PD Diplomatic Courier Escort, Pouch Supervisor


The Diplomatic Courier Escort (DCE) encumbers a full time position and MUST possess, or is in the process of obtaining, a current and valid Top Secret security clearance. 

The DCE accepts classified diplomatic material from agencies at post, and then prepares the material, documentation, escorts, exchanges, and transports the mission’s classified diplomatic pouches to the International Airport where the outbound and inbound pouches are exchanged with the arriving professional diplomatic courier from the Miami Regional Diplomatic Courier Division (MRDCD).  If required, assists the Department of State Professional Diplomatic Courier with routine customs, immigration, and airport formalities. Accepts unclassified diplomatic material from agencies at post, and then prepares the material and documentation for delivery to the courier service from transportation to the airport.  Accepts incoming and outgoing unclassified diplomatic material and distributes to offices/agencies at post and prepares outgoing for shipment.

The Information Management Specialist (IMS) directly supervises the DCE.  In the IMS’s absence, the Information Programs Officer (IPO) or Information Management Officer (IMO) supervises the DCE.  Perform administrative, clerical and courier escort functions for the Information Management section under the supervision of the IMS.

Learn and utilize the web-based Integrated Logistics Management System (ILMS) to prepare, account for, and generate official reports for the outgoing and incoming diplomatic pouches.

Promptly process and distribute the contents of the classified and unclassified pouches to the intended mission customers.

Represent the United States Government (USG) and embassy through liaison with Government of Ecuador (GOE) officials, and airport security.  In that capacity, the DCE must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and be familiar with the local culture.

Actively participate in the mission’s quarterly Support Flight diplomatic cargo program, including preparing outgoing pouches, escorting same to and from the airport, opening and distributing the contents of the pouches to embassy customers.


Manage the bi-weekly classified diplomatic pouch exchange at the airport as well as during VIP visits requiring DCE assistance to facilitate classified and time sensitive material between the embassy and the airport.  Receive classified diplomatic pouch material from Embassy Quito sections and agencies and then prepare the outgoing pouches for dispatching overseas and stateside.  When required, manage post’s non-professional diplomatic courier program. Prepare outgoing pouches and or process incoming diplomatic material.  Brief the non-professional diplomatic couriers concerning their courier responsibilities. Provide a security watch and maintain the integrity of the diplomatic pouches before, during, and following the airport pouch exchange.  

When not engaged in classified pouch duties, assist the Mailroom staff to open and distribute post’s incoming unclassified diplomatic pouch mail, and as a cleared American employee, witness the opening and handling of controlled air pouches.

Use computers and software programs, including the Microsoft Office Suite and the web-based ILMS and WebPASS applications. Training is provided on the job and or in the classroom.

Responsible for processing inbound and outbound classified pouches transported aboard the scheduled quarterly Support Flight through liaison with the mission’s Pouch Support Unit (PSU).   

Read, understand, and comply with The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), GOE diplomatic notes and instructions, and the Department of State’s regulations pertaining to diplomatic pouches and mail.                   

Decertify, decommission, and destroy the embassy’s old and excess classified equipment in according with Diplomatic Security Technical Security and Safeguards regulations.  Train post personnel on proper decommissioning procedures.  Perform other duties as assigned which include assisting IPC and ISC staff with installing fiber optic network and or telephone cabling both within cleared American access (CAA) and non-CAA areas. 


a. Education: United States or host country equivalent to high school diploma is required.

b. Prior Work Experience: One to two years working in a general office environment performing administrative or clerical duties is required, plus 6 months of supervising at least one employee. Prior experience with the Department of State’s diplomatic pouch program is desirable, but is not required. 

c. Post Entry Training:  The DCE immediately must learn the operation of the Department’s Diplomatic Pouch and Mail’s Integrated Logistics Management System (ILMS) module used for recording and tracking diplomatic pouch and mail.  Training can be in the classroom, online ILMS distance learning course, on the job or a combination of each.  

d. Language Proficiency:  Level III (good working knowledge) English speaking, reading, and writing are required.  Knowledge of Spanish is preferred, but not required.

e. Job Knowledge:  Ability to type 40 wpm, use computers and the Microsoft Office Suite, ILMS software applications and basic office skills are required.

f. Skills and Abilities: 

United States citizenship is required.  Must be able to obtain and hold a Top Secret security clearance. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with the public are required.
Ability to lift and move objects that weigh up to 70 pounds is required.  Willing to work flexible and late hours, including weekends and holidays. Must work independently, be resourceful and self-motivated, and able to successfully work within the embassy organization.


a. Supervision Received:   Supervised by a U.S. Direct Hire IMS, IPO or IMO.

b. Supervision Exercised:  Supervises the embassy unclassified mailroom clerk who help with the bi-weekly classified diplomatic pouch exchange at the airport.

c. Available Guidelines: On-the-job or formal classroom training, the Department’s Foreign Affairs Manuals and Handbooks (specifically FAM/FAH 5, 12, and 14), and GOE diplomatic notes and circulars.

d. Exercise of Judgment:  Must prioritize competing tasks. Realize that the safety of the professional diplomatic courier and security of the pouches are paramount in importance.  The efficient and expeditious movement of pouches is the next priority. 

e. Authority to Make Commitments:  The DCE represents the United States Government, but no financial committments are required in that capacity. 

f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts:  Assists the mission’s classified pouch customers, embassy mailroom employees, Ecuadoran government officials and airport personnel.

g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level:  Six months.