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Senior Citizen Benefits in Ecuador

Discounts and/or Benefits provided to 65+ citizens in Ecuador

Under the 2008 Constitution, senior citizens receive prioritized attention, both in the public and private sectors, especially within the fields of social and economic inclusion.  In accordance with Ecuadorian laws, senior citizens are those who are 65 years-old and over. (See Article 36 of the Constitution)

The Ecuadorian government guarantees to senior citizens the following rights:

  1. Access to free health care and medication.
  2. Discounts in public and private transportation services and events (such as galleries, theater plays and other related arts).
  3. Tax exemptions.
  4. Exempt from notarial and registration fees, in accordance with the law. (See Article 37 of the Constitution)

Would these benefits/discounts be afforded to everyone, including AmCits whether resident or not?

The 2008 Constitution provides no distinction between foreigners and nationals regarding civil rights.  However, according to “Ley del Anciano” (Law pertaining Senior Citizens), “the beneficiaries of this Act are those individuals who are 65 years-old or over, whether nationals or foreigners, who are legally established in the country (those who have Ecuadorian residency).”

If there are discounts/benefits, is there some sort of senior citizen’s card that is issued? If so, by whom?

According to the law pertaining Senior Citizens, Ecuadorian senior citizens are only required to present their National I.D. at the entity that provides the discount or benefit (such as a hospital, theater, when getting on a bus).  In the case of foreigners, the rule is basically the same- required to present a form of  I.D.  (such as a passport, Ecuadorian National I.D., Ecuadorian Census card, etc.).

Who is the entity that is in charge of these benefits?

No particular entity, however a branch of government that is dedicated to raise awareness about senior citizens’ rights, among others, is the Ministerio de Inclusión Social y Económica.