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Fraud Prevention Unit

The Fraud Prevention Unit is responsible for identifying instances and patterns of suspected fraud, misrepresentation, and illegal activity associated with the provision of consular services. We work closely with our colleagues in U.S. local, state, and federal law enforcement, as well as authorities in Ecuador and other countries, to investigate alien smuggling, human trafficking, immigration violations, criminal activity, and terrorism. Recent investigations have led to arrests and criminal prosecutions both in the United States and in Ecuador.

The Fraud Prevention Unit reminds you that when applying for any immigration or citizenship benefit, you must provide complete, accurate, and truthful information both on your application and during any interview. If you withhold information requested on your application or during an interview, or present information that is not true, the officer will almost certainly refuse the product or service as United States law requires. You may also be banned from entering the United States permanently, fined, and/or prosecuted. You should always be completely honest on any application and during your interview, because although the true facts may not lead to a denial of the product or service, misrepresentation will always work against you.

Applications for visas and citizenship documents include warnings about the consequences of providing false or misleading information. Even if someone else helps you complete your application, you are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide. Ignorance of the contents of your own application is not a valid defense against a determination of misrepresentation.

If you possess information that is relevant to the prevention of fraud, you can contact us securely and anonymously using the following means of communication:


(593-2) 398-5268