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I-94 Information

What is an I-94 card?

Foreign visitors to the United States have to complete an I-94 (white in color), if they hold a valid visa.

The card was obtained from the transportation carrier and must be surrendered to an inspector of the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port of entry in the United States when applying for admission.  The bottom part of the card would be attached to the passport; it notes the date of entry to the United States and authorized period the visitor may remain in the country.  When a visitor departs the United States, the transportation carrier representative, usually at the check-in counter, should remove the I-94 from the passport.

Sometimes due to an oversight the card is not removed.  If this occurs, the passenger's departure from the United States will not be registered with the CBP.  If this happens, the next time you apply to enter the United States, your visa may be subject to cancellation and/or you may be denied entry into the United States.  Therefore, visitors must ensure that they surrender the I-94 stub to the transport carrier before they depart the United States.

I did not turn in my I-94 when I left the U.S.; what should I do?

If you returned home with your Form I-94 (white) in your passport, it is possible that your departure was not recorded properly.  Please review the information on the CBP website regarding the procedure to return your I-94.